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From the November 1964 Issue
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A psychological fact is that manager development means change in the manager’s self-concept. Each of us, whether we realize it or not, has a self-image. We see ourselves in some way—smart, slow, kindly, well-intentioned, lazy, misunderstood, meticulous, or shrewd; we all can pick adjectives that describe ourselves. This is the “I” behind the face in the mirror, the “I” that thinks, dreams, talks, feels, and believes, the “I” that no one knows fully. In this article we will explore the meaning of the self-image, particularly in relation to changing behavior in growing managers, and how changes in self-concept come about.

One reason this self-concept is crucial is that it has a great deal to do with manager development—with being a growing person and eventually realizing one’s self-potential. Note the term manager development rather than management development; the purpose of such development is to help individual managers to grow. After all, they have to do most of the job themselves. As a member of a firm of consulting psychologists to management, I can report that fact from experience—and add the further observation that no one can tell managers exactly how to grow. Rather, the most one can do is to help managers understand themselves in their own situations, and then trust them to find the best directions themselves.

In the first place, the self-concept is important because everything we do or say, everything we hear, feel, or otherwise perceive, is influenced by how we see ourselves. For example:

A businessman, who had traveled in many parts of the world, was incorrigibly curious about the customs, speech, local places of interest, history, and traditions of any place he visited. However, on a one-week visit to London—his first—on a delicate mission for his company, he might just as well have been in Indianapolis for all he learned of English ways of life. Being on a business trip, he saw himself as a businessman, and actually perceived little of what was around him. But as a vacationer in London he would have seen England in depth, because he would have seen himself coming to London for that purpose.

Photographers often slip a reddish filter over the lens when snapping pictures of clouds on black and white film. The filter prevents some of the light rays from reaching the film, so that the final picture shows much darker skies and more sharply whitened clouds. The self-concept is like a filter that screens out what we do not want to hear and see, passes through what we do want to see and hear. In the reverse direction, it gives an idiosyncratic flavor to our behavior. Don’t we all usually pick our name out of a jumble of words on a page? Or hear our name announced at an airport amidst all of the other announcements that we fail to hear? This is called selective listening, and it is a function of our self-concept. Thus, how we see ourselves determines generally what we react to, what we perceive, and, in broad terms, how we behave in general.

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Effective Practice Awards

Nominations are open for the second round of 2018 awards until August 30, 2018. The award winners will be honored on Tuesday, November 13 at OLC Accelerate in Orlando, FL.

OLC Effective Practices

To help make quality online education accessible and affordable for anyone, anywhere, at any time, the members of the OLC community share techniques, strategies, and practices in online education that have worked for them. All effective practices are peer reviewed to insure quality and to give submitters some documentation for tenure and promotion files. OLC focuses on five pillars of quality ( ConverseCHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR 70 Trainers papyrus/storm pink/egret h5X8w8
) in online education: access, learning effectiveness, faculty satisfaction, student satisfaction, and scale (institutional commitment to achieve capacity enrollment via cost effectiveness).

see framework and narrative

See 2018 Effective Practice Awardwinners .

2018 Effective Practice Awardwinners Effective Practice Submissions for 2018

2018 Awards will be presented at OLC Innovate and at Nike SportswearAIR MAX 270 Trainers black 6pHn5
. Awards for the current round of submissions will be presented at OLC Accelerate in Orlando, FL, November 14-16, 2018.

If you are chosen an effective practice award winner, you will be provided a Discovery Session presentation at OLC Accelerate 2018 to showcase your effective practice. The winners will be honored on Tuesday, November 13 at OLC Accelerate in Orlando, FL.
Timeline of Important Dates: Nominations due by 11:59pm ET August 30, 2018 Notification of acceptance by September 12, 2018 Deadline for presenters to accept is September 19, 2018 Deadline for presenters to register is September 19, 2018 Final date for presenters to edit abstracts is September 19, 2018 Final presentation upload date is November 1, 2018

We encourage you to submit your effective practices on topics related to innovation and/or technology that enhance the field of digital learning.Remember these practices are peer reviewed and can help with tenure and promotion. To add an effective practice, login to OLC and then click here: Add an Effective Practice (you must be logged in). Please note it will take time for peer reviewers to review EP submissions. We will email you when when the committee has made selections. All Effective Practice Award recipientsfor the current selection round will be asked to present their effective practice at OLC Innovate.

Preparing for Submission

To help you prepare for submission you will need to submit the following fields on the submission form.

John Brennan, director de la CIA entre 2013 y 2017, estalló en su cuenta de Twitter, acusando al presidente de traición. “La actuación de Donald Trump en la rueda de prensa de Helsinki excede los delitos graves y faltas. No ha sido menos que traición. No solo los comentarios de Trump fueron estúpidos, sino que está completamente en el bolsillo de Putin. Patriotas republicanos, ¿dónde estáis?”, escribió.

Muchos republicanos expresaron su estupefacción, empezando por el senador de Arizona Jeff Flake, un crítico habitual del presidente, quien calificó de vergonzosa la actuación. “Nunca creí que vería a un presidente estadounidense subirse a una tarima con el presidente ruso y echar la culpa a EE UU de una agresión rusa”. El presidente de la Cámara de Representantes, Paul Ryan, consideró que “no hay duda de que Rusia interfirió en las elecciones de 2016” y que no “hay una equivalencia moral entre EE UU y Rusia”. El senador John McCain calificó la actuación de Trump como una “de las más vergonzosas en la historia por parte de un presidente de EE UU. El daño infligido por el egoísmo e ingenuidad de los autócratas de Trump es difícil de calcular. Pero está claro que la cumbre de Helsinki ha sido un trágico error”, dijo. El senador Lindsey Graham advirtió de que Rusia vería la reacción de Trump como un acto de debilidad. Y son significativas las críticas vertidas por periodistas de la cadena conservadora Fox. El presentador Neil Cavuto tachó la actitud de Trump de asquerosa y su colega Abby Huntsman señaló que “ninguna negociación hace que valga la pena lanzar a tu gente bajo las ruedas de un autobús”.

Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to exceeds the threshold of “high crimes misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???

Este lunes en Helsinki Trump dio al presidente ruso la misma credibilidad que a los servicios de inteligencia estadounidenses, a los republicanos del Congreso, a su secretario de Estado, Mike Pompeo, y a su consejero de Seguridad Nacional, John Bolton. “Lo único que puedo hacer es formular la pregunta. Muchos dicen que creen que es Rusia. El presidente Putin dice que no es Rusia. Yo diré esto: no veo razón alguna de por qué debe ser así. Yo quiero ver el servidor. Tengo confianza en ambas partes”, afirmó en la rueda de prensa conjunta.

Los republicanos han mostrado en sus conclusiones en el Congreso que BoxfreshCHELSEA Classic ankle boots black 7263bZzUZ
, pero las críticas a Trump han sido leves, más allá de las voces críticas habituales en el partido, como la del senador McCain. Sus palabras de la semana pasada parecían premonitorias de lo que Trump iba a expresar pocos días después respecto a la UE y Rusia. “Putin no es un amigo de EE UU, ni siquiera un mero competidor. Putin es enemigo de EE UU, no porque nosotros lo deseemos, sino porque él ha elegido serlo. Él escogió invadir Ucrania y anexionar Crimea. Escogió ayudar a [el presidente Bachar] El Asad a masacrar a los sirios. Escogió atacar nuestras elecciones y menoscabar democracias en todo el mundo”, dijo el jueves.

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Produced by Maurice White
Album Lost InkNAT High heeled ankle boots black GtTr5IChw

[Verse 1]Love was changin' the mind of pretendersWhile chasin' the clouds awayOur hearts were ringin'In the key that our souls were singin'As we danced in the night, rememberHow the stars stole the night away, oh, yeah yeah yeah[Chorus][Bridge]Ba duda, ba duda, ba duda, baduBa duda, badu, ba duda, baduBa duda, badu, ba duda[Verse 2]My thoughts are with youHoldin' hands with your heart to see youOnly and love, rememberHow we knew love was here to stayNow, December found the love that we shared in SeptemberOnly blue talk and love, rememberThe true love we share today

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“September” Co-Writer Says Taylor Swift’s Earth, Wind Fire Cover Is “As Lethargic As A Drunk Turtle”
Taylor Swift Changed A Key Lyric In Her Cover Of Earth, Wind Fire’s “September”
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Ravyn Lenae Breaks Down “Sticky”

About “September”

1 contributor

This 1978 hit became number one on the U.S. RB chart and reached the eighth position on the Billboard Hot 100. It was written by Maurice White, Al McKay, and Allee Willis.


What makes the song important?

This is an iconic Earth, Wind Fire song from 1978. Not only was the song a commercial hit, it was the first song released on EWF’s label ARC. It was the first track that songwriter Allee Willis co-wrote for the band. She’d go on to pen more tracks for the band and become a successful songwriter and artist in subsequent years.

And everybody knows: this song has a to leave people smiling when they hear it. Allee Willis–who co-produced the song–described it as “Joyful music.”

What have the artists said about the song?

Songwriter Allee Willis remembered first hearing the intro to the song when she walked in the studio. She told :

About the “bada-ya” lyrics in the chorus, she added:

As I open the door, they had just written the intro to ‘September.’ And I just thought, ‘Dear God, let this be what they want me to write!’ Cause it was obviously the happiest-sounding song in the world.

The, kind of, go-to phrase that Maurice used in every song he wrote was ‘ba-dee-ya,’ so right from the beginning he was singing, ‘Ba-dee-ya, say, do you remember / Ba-dee-ya, dancing in September.’ And I said, ‘We are going to change 'ba-dee-ya’ to real words, right?‘ And finally, when it was so obvious that he was not going to do it, I just said, 'What the f- – - does 'ba-dee-ya’ mean?‘ And he essentially said, 'Who the f- – - cares?’ I learned my greatest lesson ever in songwriting from him, which was never let the lyric get in the way of the groove.

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