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With so many strange cultural traditions in this oddball world, you might be glad we Americans aren’t a bunch of voodoo eyeball riverbank weirdos. Not so fast. We drink enough, and we’re just as freaky as anybody else.

14. Raw eggs. Let’s start with the Prairie Oyster, a popular remedy in the Western U.S. There are many variations, but they all include Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt n’ pepper, and a whole raw egg. Gulp, down the hatch. Optional ingredients include a shot of vodka, ketchup or tomato juice, and vinegar. Oh, and maybe salmonella.

14. Raw eggs.

15. Sweat swishing. Some Native American cultures, according to the BBC , believe that you should go for a run and work up a sweat. Then you lick the sweat off your arms, swish it around, and spit it out. Exercise certainly can help push the toxins through your system. The licking and spitting thing? Leave that part out.

15. Sweat swishing.

16. Hangover Heaven. In Vegas there is a special morning after bus called Hangover Heaven . Climb aboard, and the crew administers fluids, vitamins, and other supplements via IV while you cruise the strip. Vegas is disgusting, for many reasons, but Hangover Heaven might be the place to find the Gizmodo crew in the mornings during CES 2013.

16. Hangover Heaven.

17. Eggs Benedict. This is one thing the U.S. got very, very right. As the story goes, back in the late 1800s, a well to-do socialite partied way too hard. The next morning, he asked the restaurant at the Waldorf-Astoria to put together this crazy sandwich with a poached egg, ham, and hollandaise sauce, on top of an English muffin. You’re welcome, world.

17. Eggs Benedict.

18. Pellet tea. Eggs Benedict aside, the U.S. is also responsible for one of the nastiest cures on this list. In the wild west days, hungover cowboys drank a “tea” Asics TigerGELLYTE V Trainers cream/black ebsvjQCsD
. Just take the pellets and steep them in hot water. Rabbit shit tea. Yep.

18. Pellet tea.

For years I had a hangover cure that worked almost every time, though we definitely can’t recommend it, and neither would your doctor. After a night out boozing, here’s what I did when I got home:

After doing those three things, I have almost never, ever woken up with a hangover. Woken up still drunk, sure, but not hungover. Science beats superstition, every time. That said, doctors have since warned us against this cure. Taking aspirin while there’s still alcohol in you may increase your risk of stomach-bleeding . Taking ibuprofen or other NSAIDs may be even more risky, and taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) may be even worse, possibly causing fulminent hepatic failure.

The new best cure is to drink as much water as you can (if you have something like Emergen-C, with electrolytes, all the better), get plenty of food in your stomach, and maybe take a B-complex. Then you just hope for the best.

In the study of biology – particularly genetics and PumaFUTURE 23 NETFIT FG/AG Moulded stud football boots color shift/biscay green/white/black RFijLpPlpf
– predictability relates to the prediction of biological developments and behaviors based on inherited genes and past experiences.

Significant debate exists in the scientific community over whether or not a person's behavior is completely predictable based on their genetics. Studies such as the one in Israel, which showed that judges were more likely to give a lighter sentence if they had eaten more recently. DC ShoesASTOR Skate shoes white / black 7vbUw
In addition to cases like this, it has been proven that individuals smell better to someone with complementary immunity genes, leading to more physical attraction. VansSK8HI Hightop trainers asphalt s6hnhux
Genetics can be examined to determine if an individual is predisposed to any diseases, and behavioral disorders can most often be explained by analyzing defects in genetic code. Scientist who focus on examples like these argue that human behavior is entirely predictable. Those on the other side of the debate argue that genetics can only provide a predisposition to act a certain way and that, ultimately, humans possess the free will to choose whether or not to act.

Animals have significantly more predictable behavior than humans. Driven by natural selection, animals develop mating calls, predator warnings, and communicative dances. One example of these engrained behaviors is the Belding's ground squirrel, which developed a specific set of calls that warn nearby squirrels about predators. If a ground squirrel sees a predator on land it will elicit a trill after it gets to safety, which signals to nearby squirrels that they should stand up on their hind legs and attempt to locate the predator. When a predator is seen in the air, a ground squirrel will immediately call out a long whistle, putting himself in danger but signaling for nearby squirrels to run for cover. Through experimentation and examination scientists have been able to chart behaviors like this and very accurately predict how animals behave in certain situations. [10]

The study of predictability often sparks debate between those who believe humans maintain complete control over their free-will and those who believe our actions are predetermined. However, it is likely that neither Newton nor Laplace saw the study of predictability as relating to determinism. [11]

One example of prediction techniques is tarot cards. Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years to help in determining the future. "Fortune tellers" have been traced through history back to the Ancient Egyptians, however the earliest complete record dates only to the 18th century. adidas PerformancePUREBOOST Neutral running shoes black/feather white TxELc

Tasseography is a divination method, typically utilizing tea leaves or coffee grounds. Western tasseography first started in medieval Europe, where fortune tellers would interpret splatters of wax, lead, and various other molten substances. When the Dutch brought tea from China in the seventeenth century, this evolved into tea tasseography. Tasseography is typically performed in a bright colored cup to contrast with the dark tea leaves or coffee grounds. The bright colors symbolize good fortunes while the dark color symbolizes misfortunes. [13]

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